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Powa is a work-at-height solutions company. We specialise in fall protection systems and difficult access. Our clients depend on Powa's expertise to mitigate fall hazards and provide cost-effective solutions.

Powa provides all the elements necessary for turn-key solutions including:

Consultation and design
Skilled labour
Quality equipment

Powa's experienced project managers work with our partners to design safe and productive work environments. As we are not tied to a specific manufacturer, product line or work method, we're free to recommend the best solutions.

Powa employs skilled trades people including certified riggers and certified rope access technicians.

Rigging inventory below. 


Alloy and Steel pipe
300mm CLS Flat Truss
300mm CLS Tri-Truss 
300mm CLS HD Tri-Truss
300mm CLS Box Truss
300mm CLD HD Box Truss
400mm Brown’s Box Truss
500mm CLS Box Truss
Hinges and Corners to suit all Box and Tri-Truss
300mm Circular Tri, 4m Dia


3m Steel Push up
VMB TE-074 250kg 5.35m Winch Lifter
VMB TE-076 220kg 6.5m Winch Lifter
9m 1t Tripod Tower
12m 1t Tripod Tower
7m & 9m 400mm Delay Tower
10m & 11m 400mm Leg Set with Rolling Block and Base
BBQ Plate Truss Base
1t and 0.5t Concrete Weights


CM Lodestar 1t, 500kg, 250kg
Stagemaker 1t, 500kg, 250kg
1t Chain Blocks 8-15m Drop
8 way Rack linkable motor controller
2 way Rack linkable motor controller
2 way hand-held motor controller

General rigging

Slings, Shackles and O-Rings
2t Deck Chain
2t Steels 1.5m, 3m, 6m, 9m
LX Droppers 0.5-1.5m
LX Ladders 3m and 4.5m
Safety Lines
Inertia Reels
Full body Harness w Fall Arrest
Shot Bags and H-Stands

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