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POWA STUDIO Broadcast Studio and Web Streaming Services

For over 10 years as producers of the Red Hot Summer Tour, Powa Productions has extensive experience in live video production for music and events. Our staff have been involved in web-streaming live music since 1998.


As live events are suspended, many artists, festivals and event organisers have cancelled, or postponed their shows without a solution. Powa are determined to support the live arts and events industry and have come up with some solutions to allow you to maintain audience reach, and engagement.


As an adaptation to COVID19, Powa has built new facilities in Bayswater, Melbourne creating a very large 8m x 14m studio space, positioned within our production warehouse.


The Advantage?

We have extensive access to the best gear in concert quality video, lighting and audio. We offer a large COVID-Safe space, allowing you to shoot your content and maintain social distancing. Added to that are independent Green Room spaces, with outdoor overflow areas.


As a touring production service, Powa can also come to you with OB services, recording your content on location and provide edited content.


As a complete production supplier Powa has approached our web-streaming in the same manner and can assist with ticketing and streaming solutions as well.



First and foremost we are here to support your art and your event – so always talk to us about your idea/needs.


The studio space is designed for multi-function use - live music or dance performance, presentations, conferences, or graduations.


Anything you want people to see and participate in!

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